Long Story Short: Get Mold Out Of An Air Mattress: There are main three ways to remove mold from an air mattress which are using lemon, brush, and bleach.

for a detailed process read our complete article.

Yes, mold can grow on your air mattress especially if you place your air mattress in a damp area or place it inside the plastic cover.

So if you are facing the same problem and mold is growing on your air mattress then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Because if you know how to get mold out of an air mattress then you can easily remove mold or mildew from your air mattress.

This problem is so common in air mattresses, so don’t freak out if you see mold growing on your air mattress.

We are going to also tell you the reasons behind mold growth, how can you clean it, and how to prevent air mattresses from mold in the future.

First, discuss some proven ways to clean mold from an air mattress.

So let’s get started.

How to Get Mold Out of an Air Mattress ( 3 Proven Ways)

How to Get mold Out of an Air Mattress

Here are some common ways to clean mold from an air mattress.

Way 1: By Using Brush

For this method, put your air mattress outside of your house.

You can also put a cloth below the air mattress, and inflate your air mattress fully.

Now you need to take a nylon-bristled paintbrush or fingernail brush to brush the dry mold or mildew from the entire air mattress.

Take a sponge dipped into the water with dish soap and clean down the cushions.

Wipe one location at a time, and wash the mattress off with a sponge dipped in tidy water.

And flip the mattress and again follow the same steps.

If your air mattress smells musty then use equal parts of water with equal parts of white vinegar.

And allow it to air dry completely.

Way 2: Use Lemon

Get Mold Out Of An Air Mattress

This is another effective and homemade way of cleaning mold from air mattresses.

Just cut the lemon in half and start rubbing on the moldy area of an air mattress.

You need to keep rubbing for at least 5 minutes on moldy areas so be patient.

If the mold is tough then you can leave the air mattress for at least 15 minutes after rubbing the lemon on moldy areas.

Once it’s done, boom the mold has been gone by now.

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Way 3: Using a Bleach

Lots of people think bleach can’t kill mold on an air mattress but it’s not 100% true.

Because bleach can kill mold from glass, metal, plastic, and wood.

So air mattresses are made from vinyl materials which is nothing but like plastic.

If the mold is strong then mix 2 cups of bleach and 1 cup of the normal bottle,

And mix it well in a spray bottle, 

Now spray the solution on the affected areas of your air mattress means the moldy areas of your air mattress.

Use a brush or sponge to scrub the moldy surface and wash it with water for removing the solution.

You should at least do this step for 15 minutes to effectively remove the mold from an air mattress.

After once done, now air-dry your air mattress.

How to Prevent Air Mattress From Mold (3 Easy Ways)

There is a saying prevention is better than cure.

And it’s absolutely true.

Because if you can prevent your air mattress from mold then there is no need to do the hustle and clean mold from your air mattress.

Here are some ways to prevent air mattresses from mold.

Way 1: Always Put Your Air Mattress in a Dry & Ventilated Place

The number one reason why your air mattress is getting mold is because of the moisture.

So if you put your air mattress in a wet and damp place then it tends to get mold.

So always put your air mattress in a dry place.

If you want to store your air mattress for the future then make sure the room is ventilated and dry.

By doing so you can prevent air mattresses from mold.

Way 2: Store Your Air Mattress in Closets.

Don’t store your air mattress anywhere, always store your air mattress in a linen closet.

Because in that temperature will be even and humidity can be low which is best for storing your air mattress.

This will also increase the lifespan of your air mattress.

Way 3: Use Vinyl Zip Cover

If mold growth is a recurring problem for your air mattress then you can use a vinyl zip cover for your air mattress.

And these covers are machine washable. 

So you can clean them regularly when you want to use an air mattress.

After using your air mattress, do not forget to clean the air mattress regularly.

How to Get Mold Smell Out of an Air Mattress

Get Mold Out Of An Air Mattress

After cleaning your air mattress with lemon, brush, or bleach, if the smell of mold is persistent then you need to use white vinegar with water.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and equal parts of water.

Pour this solution into a spray bottle, if you have essential oil then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this solution.

Spray this solution on affected or moldy areas of your air mattress and leave it for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

And wipe out the solution with a clean towel or water.

Air-dry your air mattress for a few hours, and boom the smell will be gone.

So this is how you can get mold or a musty smell from an air mattress.

Final Words

Removing mold from your air mattress is one of the tough jobs especially if the mold is strong.

You can use white vinegar for removing the mold smell from your air mattress.

Using lemon or bleach can be the best option for removing mold from your air mattress.

If you are on the camp then you can always use lemon and water if you can access them for removing the mold from an air mattress.

If you have any questions regarding removing mold from air mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.