Long Story Short: Can Bed Bugs Live On An Air Mattress: Yes, Bed Bugs Can Live On An Air Mattress for a long period of time if you want to check whether your air mattress is bed bug infestated or not then read the complete article.

According to the Pest world, 1 out of 5 Americans faces bed bug infestation.

And if you are one of those who suffered bed bug infestation in your bed then you need to replace your bed with an air mattress as a temporary solution.

But lots of people have questions when they sleep on an air bed, can bed bugs live on an air mattress?

The answer is simple. Yes, Bed bugs can live on an air mattress because bed bugs are bed bugs they can live anywhere.

You need to know the signs of bed bug infestation, what bed bugs look like, and how to get rid of bed bugs from the air mattress.

I will also share my personal experience when I suffered the bed bugs infestation and how I Murdered all bed bugs in my house.

Stay tuned.

What are Bed Bugs and How do they Look Like?

Can Bed Bugs Live on an Air Mattress

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can’t fly but they can climb and crawl from one location to another.

The size of a bed bug is around the apple seed.

They have reddish color just like an apple seed and they hide in hard-to-reach places and they can literally live anywhere.

They usually hide in cracks in your furniture or wall.

So here are some signs of bed bug infestation.

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Signs of Bed bug infestation

If you know the main signs of bed bug infestation then you can solve the problem of bed bugs immediately.

Sign 1: Bite Marks On Your Body

When bed bugs bite you it leaves a small mark on your skin.

These marks look like mosquito welts and appear on any part of your body.

These marks are usually red small marks but most bed bugs bite on your back because it’s the largest area in your body.

Sign 2: Blood & Fecal Stains 

If you want to find out whether your home has a bed bugs infestation or not then check your mattress and the walls.

And if you see blood and bug fecal stains on the walls and mattress then you can be sure that your mattress has bed bugs.

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Sign 3: Bed Bug’s Eggs

Bed bugs reproduce so fast, so you can see their eggs and shells on your bed, wall, and furniture.

The color of the bed bugs is White and opalescent.

Can Bed Bugs Live On an Air Mattress?

Technically, Yes Bed bugs can live on air mattresses. Because Air Mattresses are not their favorite place to live but still they can live anywhere.

Most bed bugs live near where they can find their host to feed on blood.

That means it’s most likely bed bugs live around your bed and bed bugs attack at night.

But how do you know if your air mattress has bed bugs or not?

For that follow these steps.

How to Check Bed Bugs On Air Mattress?

Here is how you can find bed bugs on your air mattress.

1. Check The Surface

The modern air mattress comes with an attractive top layer and surface.

But when it comes to bed bugs they can live in the seams of an air mattress.

So you need to check the top layer of an air mattress.

2. Check the valve

As I said before, bed bugs love to hide in places like cracks or small holes.

And most air mattress has in-built inflation which is the best place for bed bugs to hide in the dark and hard-to-reach place.

So don’t forget to inspect the valves of your air mattress for finding bed bugs on your air mattress.

3. Check the Headboard

If your air mattress has a built-in headboard then it can be a favorite place for bed bugs to live on.

Because bed bugs can easily hide in the joints of the headboard and the air mattress.

How Long Bed Bugs Live on an Air Mattress

The lifespan of bed bugs is between 10 months to 1 year. But they can survive weeks to a year without feeding on blood or eating.

That means bed bugs can live on your air mattress for up to 1 year.

But that’s not true because bed bugs reproduce so fast and multiply their counts in months which means until and unless you remove them or kill them, they can live on your air mattress for years.

So you need to immediately take an action for killing bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Climb an Air Mattress?

Yes, bed bugs can climb on anything. Just because air mattresses are made from plastic doesn’t mean bed bugs can’t climb on air mattresses.

So if they can find the host after climbing on top of an air mattress then they can always climb on an air mattress to feed on blood.

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Can Bed Bugs Live on an Air Mattress?

As I said Before bed bugs can live on anything even on plastic air mattresses so they don’t care whether they are living until and unless they are feeding on blood at night.

Their only meal is blood. 

They can feed on animals and human blood.

And some people think that bed bugs can eat other food but it’s not true.

Bed bugs’ only Food is Blood.

Can bed bugs lay eggs on air mattress?

Bed bugs can live anywhere because they can live up to 1 year without eating food but air mattresses are made from plastic and it’s not their favorite place to live and reproduce.

And it’s true that bed bugs can manage to live inside air mattresses but they can’t lay eggs inside the air mattress.

Can bed bugs live on plastic mattresses?

Yes, bed bugs can live anywhere so it doesn’t mattress whether it’s plastic, foam, or hybrid mattress.

Bed bugs can easily live up to 1 year on plastic air mattresses without feeding on blood.

So as long as you won’t kill or remove them they can live up to 1 year.

Final Words

Bed bugs are common problems in America, especially if you are living in an apartment.

Bed bugs can be anywhere but their favorite places are cracks on walls, furniture, mattresses, and dark places.

They usually attack at night and feed on human or animal blood.

So as soon as you find out your home has bed bugs infestation then immediately treat the problem.

If you have any questions regarding bed bugs on air mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.