Long Story Short: Protect Air Mattress From Cats: There are lots of different and unique ways to protect air mattress from cats which includes using aluminum foil, double-sided tapes, plastic, chemical deterrents, and many more.

Cats and air mattresses are not a good match because cats have sharp nails so they can easily pop an air mattress.

Adult cats are less naughty but kittens can be nightmares if you have them.

If your air mattress is not puncture-proof then one jump and your cat can easily pop your air mattress.

Air mattresses are not the strongest in the world because they were made from cheap quality materials because Manufacturers of air mattresses use cheap materials to make air mattresses affordable.

But luckily there are ways to protect air mattress from cats, so if you know how to protect air mattresses from cats then you don’t have any problem.

But if you don’t then, we will discuss some proven ways to protect air mattress from cats and make your air mattress cat-proof.

Stay tuned.

How to Protect Air Mattress From Cats (11 Ways)

Protect Air Mattress From Cats

Way 1: Get Your Cat Alternative Bed 

No matter how hard you try to keep cats away from your air mattress if they don’t have any alternative bed to sleep on, then they will always come around your air mattress.

Because if you have a separate bed for your cat then there is a high chance that your cat won’t come around your air mattress.

But you need to make sure your cat’s bed is comfortable.

If your cat or kitten is so active or naughty then you can get your cat a “Cat Tree” For Sleeping.

Because most active cats love to sleep in taller places.

But if your cat is not active and doesn’t love to sleep in high places then you can get your cat a comfortable bed.

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Way 2: Keep Your Air Mattress Out of Reach

If you really love your cat and sleep with your cat every night then this way can be uncomfortable for you.

But sleeping on your new air mattress without getting splash or scratch is worth it.

So keep your air mattress or cat out of reach and try to keep your air mattress away for a few nights.

If you are sleeping alone on your air mattress then lock your room and close the windows of your room so the cat won’t come in.

Way 3: Teach Your Cat to Use Alternative 

Protect Air Mattress From Cats

Once you get your cat an alternative bed then try to teach your cat to use her bed.

But make sure her bed is comfortable.

And try to make her bed cat-friendly, you can use catnip.

Sprinkle some catnip on her bed or cat tree.

But some cats don’t like the beds that we choose for them, 

In that case, you can choose different types of beds for your cat.

You can choose to enclose a bed for your cat.

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Way 4: Teach Your Cat to Stay Away from Air Mattress

If you and your cat sleep in the same room then you need to teach your cat not to come near your air mattress.

But we know, cats are cats.

They always deny our orders and test your patience.

They will always come near to your air mattress so you need to tell them firmly “DON’T” or “NO”.

And teach your cat to use her own bed for sleeping.

Way 5: Make Your Air Mattress Non-Cat Friendly 

If you tried everything like getting your cat a new bed, teaching your cat to use her own bed, or teaching your cat to stay away from your air mattress.

But cats are cats they don’t follow our orders.

So now you need to make your air mattress undesirable for them.

And there are some materials that you can use on your air mattress to make them less desirable.

You don’t have to cover your air mattress with these materials because once your cat feels uncomfortable sleeping on your air mattress and uses her own bed then you can remove these materials.

Here are some materials you can put on your air mattress for making your air mattress non-cat friendly.

Number 1: Use Double Sided Tapes

Protect Air Mattress From Cats

Use this trick if you are not around with your air mattress.

Use a few pieces of double-sided tape on your air mattress and make your air mattress less desirable for cats.

Because cats hate the sticky feeling and quickly run away from these sticky places.

And you can remove these tapes when you are sleeping on your air mattress.

Number 2: Use Plastic

Many cats don’t like the sound of plastic and the rough feeling when they jump on plastic materials.

But some cats love to pee on plastic something that you don’t want.

So depending upon the behavior of cats choose wisely.

Number 3: Use Aluminium Foil

Unlike plastic, cats also don’t love the feeling of jumping or sitting on aluminum foil because they are rough and make pleasant noise.

And cats don’t love this noise.

So using aluminum foils or double-sided tapes can be the best option if you don’t have an around of your air mattress.

But you can’t keep these materials permanently so after some days you can remove these materials.

Way 6: Use Chemical Deterrents

Cats hate some kinds of smells like citrus and if you spray some citrus smell then cats will stay away from your air mattress.

You can also find some chemical deterrents on the market that smells like bitter apples or citrus.

But the only problem with this method is that your mattress can still smell like citrus when you sleep on them.

So if you are ready to sleep on your air mattress with this citrus smell then you can use these deterrents for keeping your cat away from your mattress.

Way 7: Trim Your Cat’s Nail Regularly.

Protect Air Mattress From Cats

Lots of cat owners forget to trim their cat’s nails regularly and they become very sharp with time.

If you trim your cat’s nails regularly and even if your cat comes near to your air mattress then your cat won’t be able to pop with its short nails.

And when you are cutting your cat’s nail, do not cut beyond the quick as this can cause bleeding.

Most importantly do not cut or declaw your cat to prevent scratching because it’s cruel and animal abuse.

Way 8: Use A Mattress Topper

Purchasing a quality and thick mattress topper for your air mattress can be a great investment.

This will not only protect your air mattress from cats but also increase the comfort and lifespan of the air mattress.

But this will only protect the upper side of your air mattress and does not protect the sides and lower part of your air mattress.

In this case, you can wrap your overall air mattress with a thick blanket and put a mattress topper on the top of air mattress.

Way 9: Use Deterrent Device

These deterrent devices are electronic devices that will make sounds based on motion sensors and keep your cat away from your air mattress.

These devices can detect when your cat is near and emit high-frequency sounds.

And these sounds can scare them and keep your cat away.

But these devices can be a little pricy so make sure you get the best deals and discounts.

Way 10: Keep Your Mattress in Storage

If you use an air mattress occasionally when guests come over then you can deflate your air mattress and put them into the storage room.

This can minimize the risk of your cat puncturing your air mattress.

So take out your air mattress from the storage room only when you want to use them.

Way 11: Purchase a Cat Proof Air mattress

This is one for people who don’t want to hassle trying to keep their cat away from air mattresses.

Because if you love to sleep with your cat then you need to keep your cat from your bed.

But if you can purchase a new cat-proof air mattress then there is no need to worry about anything.

Because cat-proof air mattresses are made of multi-layered PVC which makes them resistant to sharp edges or cat claws.

This material in cat-proof mattresses also makes them firmer and more stable.

And these cat-proof air mattresses have 1-year warranty so suppose if anything happens then you can replace your air mattress with a new one.

Final Words

If you have a cat and also have an air mattress then they both are not a good match.

Because no matter how hard you try to keep your cat away from your air mattress, cats will always come around and scratch your air mattress.

But you can just purchase a mattress topper and cover your air mattress with sheets then you won’t have a problem as long as your cat has her own bed.

You need to teach your cat to use an alternative bed to sleep in.

But if you don’t want to do all these hustles then you can just purchase a cat-proof air mattress because this will solve all of your problems.

So if you have any questions regarding protecting your air mattress from cats then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.