Long Story Short: Fix An Air Mattress Bubbles: remove everything from your air mattress, put it on the flat surface, deflate the air mattress slowly, apply pressure on the bubbles during deflation.

If you notice any bubbles in your air mattress then it’s an alarm that you need to choose a new mattress,

This is how many people think.

But it’s not true because you can fix an air mattress bubble in simple steps.

There are lots of ways to fix air mattress bubbles so you don’t need to throw your air mattress if it causes bubbles.

If you don’t want to repair your air mattress and do the hustle then you can just purchase a new air mattress.

But if you want to repair the bubbles in an air mattress in your home then we got you covered.

Before you start fixing the air mattress bubble, you need to know the cause of the bubbles in the air mattress.

Let’s get started.

What Causes An Air Mattress Lump/Bulge/Bubble?

Fix An Air Mattress Bubble

So how does an air mattress develop a lump or bubble?

There are lots of reasons why your air mattresses cause bubbles or lumps so you need to know all causes before you start repairing the lumps and bubbles.

Because if you know the cause then you can prevent it in the future.

Cause #1: Manufacturing Defect

If your air mattress is new or if you don’t use your air mattress too often then developing a bulge is not a good sign.

Because if your air bed develops bubbles or lump after a few uses then there is a high chance that something went wrong during the manufacturing of your air mattress.

So if your warranty air mattress is still valid then you should definitely return or replace your airbed.

Cause #2: Regular Over-inflation

If you over-inflate your air mattress regularly then it can trigger bubbles and lumps in your air mattress.

You need to blow up your air mattress with the right amount of air, if you inflate your air mattress more than its capacity then the seam of air mattresses becomes weak.

The seams of air mattresses are already not so strong and weak so when you inflate your air mattress over its limit then it can form bubbles.

And always blow up your air mattress with its pump only because if you use other ways to blow up your air mattress then you may over-inflate your air mattress.

Cause #3: Age

Even the best air mattress can last up to 1 to 2 years if you use it regularly.

But if you do not use your air mattress regularly then it can last up to 10 years.

So age can be a crucial factor when it comes to air mattress bubbles.

If your air mattress is old than 2 to 3 years then it can also trigger an air mattress bubble over time.

Cause #4: Exceeding its weight capacity 

Fix An Air Mattress Bubble

An Average air mattress can hold up to 300 Pounds of weight.

So if you are a couple and sleep on an air mattress then you should always remember about its weight capacity.

Because normal air mattresses can’t hold the weight of two heavy people or one heavy and one medium-weight person.

So if you ever excess its weight capacity by sleeping with one more person then it can cause a lump on your air mattress.

Because exceeding its weight can stretch the material inside and force the air mattress to form a lump or bubble.

Exceeding the weight capacity of an air mattress may trigger punctures, leaks, and damage to the internal seems which can increase the risk of air mattress bubbles.

So never ever exceed its weight capacity.

Cause #5: Weak Seams of Low-Quality Air Mattress

If you have purchased a cheap air mattress then there is a high chance that the air mattresses have weak seams.

These weak seams can form bulges in air mattresses.

So if your air mattress has weak seams then you can’t do anything so you have to buy a new high-quality air mattress with strong seams.

How to Fix an Air Mattress Bubble or Lump

Fix An Air Mattress Bubble

In most cases, if your air mattress forms bubble then you can fix it with simple steps.

Here is how you can fix an air mattress bubble or lump.

Step 1: Remove Everything From your Air Mattress & Get your Airbed Ready

You need to make your air mattress ready before you start the main process.

Remove everything from your air mattresses such as sheets, blankets, mattress pads, pillows, comforters, and other beddings.

Now once everything is removed from your air mattress, you can see and locate air mattress bubble or lump easily.

You can easily notice big bubbles or lumps in your air mattress, but for small bubbles or lumps, you need to spend more time.

You can use an electrical pump or a manual pump doesn’t matter but you need to blow up your air mattress.

But if you are using an electric internal pump then you need to unplug it after inflation.

After Finding all bubbles and lumps from your air mattress, get ready for the next step.

Step 2: Start Deflating Slowly

Remember never to fix air mattress bubbles while your air mattress is fully inflated because it can make your job more complicated and time taking.

If your air mattress has an in-built electrical pump then just press on deflate dial.

But do not deflate your air mattress completely, deflate 60 to 70% amount of air from your air mattress.

Likewise, if your air mattress does not have an in-built pump then you can release air from your air bed by opening the nozzle of your air bed.

Step 3: Apply Pressure During Deflation

You need to do this step while releasing air from your air mattress, apply pressure on the bubble gently.

You can start pushing the bubble downwards.

Do this step until the bubble or lump disappears because applying pressure on the bubble can usually result in removing the bubble or lump before your air mattress is fully deflated.

If your air mattress has several bubbles then start this step from the biggest one.

You can repeat this step for all air mattress bubbles and lumps.

But apply gentle pressure only because too much pressure can also damage your air mattress.

Step 4: Inflate Your Airbed Again

Now after completely removing lumps and bubbles from your air mattress, you need to inflate the air mattress again.

You are reinflating your air bed to check whether the problem of the air mattress bubble is solved or not.

But always inflate your air mattress with the right amount of air, do not overinflate your air mattress.

If you notice any bubbles or lumps on your air mattress then you can repeat steps 2 and step 3 until the bubble completely disappears.

So this is how you can fix an air mattress bubble or lump.

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Is it Safe to Sleep on an Air Mattress with Bubbles?

It’s not safe to sleep on an air mattress with bubbles or lumps because if the air mattress gets bubbles then it won’t be supportive and comfortable like before.

And once your air bed is not supportive then you can have back, hip, and neck pain.

You will not see these symptoms in short term but if you use an air mattress with bubbles in the long term then you can have major health issues.

So if your air bed has any lumps or bubbles then immediately fix those or buy a new air mattress.

How to Prevent Lumps in Air Mattress

We talked enough about fixing air mattress lumps or bubbles, now we need to prevent lumps or bubbles in air mattresses in the future.

Most air mattresses get lumps or bubbles if you don’t take proper care of your air bed.

And with proper care and use, you can reduce the chances of air mattress lump or bubble.

Here is how you can take proper care & prevent lumps in an air mattress.

1. Always Put Your Air mattress on a Clean & Flat Surface

Before you put your air mattress on the floor or ground, you need to inspect the area with proper attention.

Because there can be any sharp objects that can puncture your air bed.

And placing your air mattress on an uneven surface can also disturb the structure of your air mattress, so always put your air bed on a flat surface.

Also, make sure there is enough space for your air mattress to fully inflate.

2. Allow the Air Mattress to Stretch Naturally

If your air bed is new, then you need to inflate your air mattress and allow it to inflated for at least 2 to 3 days,

This step will naturally stretch the material inside of your airbed.

And do not sleep on an air mattress until it is completely inflated.

3. Alway Deflate Your Airbed 

When you are done sleeping with your air mattress, you need to deflate your air mattress and store it in a dry place.

And if you are going on camp then deflate your air mattress every morning after you sleep on it.

And re-inflate in the night when necessary.

Always store your deflated air mattress in a storage bag.

Final Words

Air Mattress bubbles or Lumps can be a big problem if you want a comfortable air mattress.

Because air mattress bubbles can make your air mattress uncomfortable and less supportive.

And when you sleep on an air mattress that has bubbles then you can have back, neck, or hip pain.

So you need to fix an air mattress bubble as soon as possible.

And fixing an air mattress bubble is a piece of cake, so immediately fix your air mattress bubbles and lumps.

If you have any questions regarding fixing air mattress bubbles then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.